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Category Archive: Business & Customer Awareness

  1. Cover letter

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    by doing this assignment, i learned how to making a cover letter, i learned the steps of the cover letter and also learned that there are many styles of cover letters

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    When I was at work i was serving the food and i saw that some customers were looking for a table so i made sure that they were okay and i showed them to a table where i took their food order as they has pre-booked their table.

  3. Work

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    I made customers aware of our electricity difficulties.

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    Out of school jobs/helping with a family business


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    I went for Tesco for two weeks work experience in my last year in secondary school. the work included stacking up shelves, cleaning and serving customers.

  6. Work Experiance

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    I will be starting to work in a beauty salon,every Friday for 5 weeks, which will be helping me to gain work experience.

  7. Burger King

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    Working in Burger King I give great Customer Awareness to ensure Customers get what they have ordered and payed for.

  8. Engagement

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    I have worked as a waiter in a restaurant my family runs in Spain, this has taught me how to be more versatile with costumers and how to deal with multitasking.

    Also I have done worked in a pharmacy as work experience, which allowed me to further develop my skill and awareness.