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Category Archive: Communication & Literacy

  1. communication

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    in class when i am speaking i ensure that there is no barrier to ommunication as others may find it difficult to understand what i am saying. for this reason i avoid using slang so others can understand what i am saying

  2. Communication and literacy

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    In one of my Health and Social Care lessons, me and my partner had to show good communication skills, by presenting a one to one interaction. We did this by having a conversation, where she was my patient and I was the doctor. In the interaction, I had to show good listening skills, good communication skills, tone of voice, pace and many more. By doing this I have shown my skills and also showing them in a positive way.

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    working in groups

    working with peers in the classroom

    answering questions

    asking question

    completing English assessments on time

    doing a power point presentation

    doing role plays

    share ideas and experiences

    ask for information and clarify their thinking and understanding

    reflect on what they have learned

    reviewing my work

  4. Shabnam

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    producing power points

    participating in role plays

    answering questions

    communicating with others in the group.

    asking questions

    working in pairs and looking for specific information

    proof reading your work

    completing English assessments

    combine your thoughts with your partner

  5. Communication

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    I have been communicating with people a lot and also making sure that i am not making any barriers to communication. For example, i have allowed people to speak before me so that there are no barriers in our communication. As well as this, i have also made sure that there were no barriers to communication and also using formal language in order for people to understand what i am trying interpret.

  6. communication

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    working with my team mates and helping each other other out with our work and communicating every time we need help.
    Also, trying to boost my confidence by debating about certain topics with my friends.

  7. Communication

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    I will be communicating in my lessons and placement. Using these communication and literacy skills would improve my skills on talking with my peers.

  8. communication skills

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    I can communicate more with my peers in class when working in groups.
    I can make presentation to present which will improve my communication skills and i will also get involved in group activity in my setting.