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Category Archive: Decision Making & Problem Solving

  1. Shabnam

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    I will be able to use my leadership skills in order to decide the right choices.

    Also, i will be using my skills and qualities to solve a problem.

  2. Work skills lessons

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    In my class I was a leader of one team and we had to do a task in one hour with planning. Everyone had different ideas and I had to make it into a one plan so I have deiced to make sure that everyone was fine with whatever I wanted to put into the work.

  3. College

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    Sometimes in lessons I have struggled with some work but I have tried to solve it and i have done some research for it and I have solved the problem witch was angles in maths.

  4. Team leader

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    I was a team leader, I guided and supported people to plan a trip for the class. We carried out risk assessments and why it is education and also letters to the parents. Including travel and money.

  5. National Challenges

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    My evidence for these skills comes mainly in academic achievements outside of the curriculum. I am a regular participant in various national competitions and awards to do with physics, maths, and computational thinking, such as the British Physics Olympiad, UK Maths Challenge, British Informatics Olympiad, and more. Have received awards for participation, commendation and as high as gold for one of these awards. I fell that these are a display of problem solving skills

  6. searching for cars

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    I went on the internet and researched cars and looked at reviews of cars for my dad

    This shows i can solve problems and make decision and come up with solutions.

  7. SA 2014

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    I helped Kim to undertake her community service by thinking of a project for her.