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Category Archive: Initiative & Enterprise

  1. Basketball team

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    I have set up a basketball team in my high school.. In my team was implicated 20 girls. I came with a large ideas helping my teachers to develop the team.

  2. creativity

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    when it comes to like art or drawing I can put my mind to work and work hard with the kind of imagination I have.

  3. jelly fish report

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    we came up with a new product to introdcue into the uk and other markets. we said we could try and sell jelly fish food products to tourists and international buisness people.

  4. Jell fish Report

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    Taking the time to find out essential information about jelly fish. Overall, coming up with a potential business idea to introduce jelly fish products.

  5. Young enterprise

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    I took part in the 'Young Enterprise' challenge at school. I was part of the purchasing and finance team. We, alongside other participants of the challenge established a stall in the Nicolas Center in Sutton and in Croydon.

  6. Jewellery

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    I have always made decorations for the Christmas tree, as well as wall decorations.
    I recently started making jewellery out of paper and beads.
    Hoping to widen it to a commercial business before the end of this year.
    I used the internet and learned how to knit, so I`m currently knitting scarfs for sale.

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    I have created ESquared my social enterprise