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Category Archive: Numeracy

  1. Numeracy

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    I haven't been using the topic based exam questions as well as the past papers for different year series because; I already believed I could pass my mathematics using the textbooks, revision guides, exam practice workbooks, practice exam papers of their own instead of using the takeaway page as well as the hyperlinks to past paper access such as Mr Barton's for instance.

    By using Seema's advice to revise more outside of class to an understanding material from sequences to compound measures, probability to tree diagrams, bearings to questionnaires, recurring decimals to surds and vectors to proof.

    I have now decided in future to use Maths GCSE revision websites as well as video tutorials to help me and the past papers for edexcel in different years as well.

  2. Maths

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    During maths i worked to my best ability to achieve all the learning outcomes as well as complete work and ask for help.This reflects on how i struggled in maths last year as i found the work hard. but this year i'm receiving more help form the teacher and more self-concentrated work to do at home and improve my grade

  3. Maths

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    Last year I have struggled with my maths as the way the teacher was doing the lessons and hardly gave any help, there was no wat of me understanding. This year I found maths easy as the teacher always does a starter activity and explains everything properly.

  4. Budget Keeping

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    I always make a budget for my self. Planning my expenses, and my savings. I keep one of my bank for savings, and one for expenses, in which i could spend from.

  5. Maths At A Level

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    Currently studying to get a qualification in Maths A level.
    My first certificate would be for the first year of the maths course (AS) and be completing it in A2.

  6. Numeracy skills

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    Most of my numeracy skills manifest themselves academic qualifications; am a maths and further maths student at A-Level as well as for GCSE's last year. Regular participant in the UK Maths Challenge, winning Gold and Bronze awards in recent years.
    As a volunteer at Human Appeal, a practical use of numeracy has occasionally been counting up cash donations and doing relevant paperwork on demand.