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Category Archive: Self-Management & Taking Responsibility

  1. Hope textiles project

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    the idea was to make a website for Hope Textiles . and I was in charge of filling out the wireframe. by doing this assignment, I improved my way of using PowerPoint and I improved my internet research. because I was supposed to do some internet research for the photos to support the website and attach them to the wireframe. and also I had to be in contact with my partner from Tanzania to get some information in order to complete the website.

  2. Assignment 5

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    this assignment helped me improve my way of building a CV step by step.
    And helped me know what is important to write when building a CV (what the company needs to know when it reads your CV , what words should i used to convince them ...)

    and also . this assigmemt helped me to do research on the internet and found that we can build our CV in many ways (Style)

  3. Translation

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    this assignment allowed me to improve my skills in the translation of documents ( French-English ) and also in the creation of the board on word

  4. Managing my own time

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    I try to manage my time, I try to give myself time to do my homework and all the work that I'm behind on for any reason. I set myself time to study for all the upcoming exams.
    I'm always trying to make the right decision depending on the situation, I'm trying to be responsible.