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Category Archive: Using ICT

  1. Personal budgeting

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    by doing this assignment, I learned how to make a personal budget. whether it is for a person who earns below £1500 per month, or for a person who earns £300000 per year

  2. Personnel plan

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    After doing this assignment, I learned the basics on which I need to focus to achieve my goals and also, I improved my way of doing research on the internet

  3. Teamwork and leadership

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    I was supposed to create a fact sheet highlighting the different characteristics of a good team worker and the characteristics of a good team leader. In addition to my personal knowledge, I did some research on the internet. this exercise allowed me to develop my internet research skills. and understand how a leader should behave in a team

  4. web design

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    Using wireframe methodology, designed the DICE Consortium Website (see:; in this role I used the client (DICE) initial video, tabled a suggested wireframe and on sign off built the World Press site. Reference: Dr Tim Pascoe - when he starts to use his DICE mail we can change). Once the wireframe was accepted I built and initial WordPress site, collected the content from the various nodes across the Consortium.

  5. ICT skills-Presentation

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    I used my ICT skills in my health and social care lessons as i had to make a PowerPoint on health and well being,which we had to present in front of the class my ICT skills helped me to do my work faster.