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Category Archive: Working Effectively With Other People

  1. working with others

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    trying to help different team mates to help them with their work.
    being very helpful to my friends and respecting them from what ever race they are from.

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    This means you understand how people work together and can work well within any group. You respect the thoughts and opinions of others, and value their contributions. You contribute to discussions and help your group to plan and deliver projects. You are able to deal with conflict when it arises in group situations.

    Playing on a team with others
    Helping team mates with their training or project work
    Encouraging others when situations become difficult
    Actual work experience where you are part of a work team
    Being sensitive to the different cultural traditions of other groups of people.
    I joined the annual summer football camp organized by my local club. I trained for 3 weeks with a group of people I hadn’t met before and the coach made me the captain of my team.

  3. working with others

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    Working with others in a primary school. working with other staff members to provide activities that help the children to learn.
    asking for feedback for the manager

  4. Working with people

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    In my work placement, I had to work effectively with the teachers in order to get the children to do the task, and also after we had to clean and get everything back.

  5. Group Work

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    In class we had to work in groups and present it to the class as a part of our assignment

  6. working effectively

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    I have helped my class mates with their assignments in class. I told them what to do. also at my work placement i helped the children with their work and also helped the teacher with class room jobs. for example, cutting paper, handing out booklets, etc.

  7. Working effectively

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    I have being working effectively with other people as i have been helping people with their assignment and their work. For example,i was helping with my friend's assignment. As well as this, i have also been helping with the teachers with their worksheet. For example, i have been being helpful by cutting worksheets and gluing children's exercise book. Therefore i have been working effectively with other people.

  8. Working Effectively

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    In my placement, I would be showing that I can work effectively with other people to create different activities for the children. I would make sure to talk with the managers and take on what they have to say about the activity, whilst working on it.

  9. Working effectively with other people

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    The evidence that work effectively in a team is that I play football three times a week, therefore I'm more comfortable working in a team. I have played football for about 14 years this means i have been playing in teams and i find it relatively easy to work in groups.

    Apart from football i have also done NCS which allowed me to take a leadership role as well as following and i was able to pick up new traits which helps me work better in a team.

    However, i feel like i can improve more because i can be stubborn therefore by the end of two months i will be able to work more efficiently.