Initiative Examples

This means:

Broadly, an ability to demonstrate an innovative approach, creativity, collaboration and risk taking. An individual with these attributes can make a huge difference to any business

You are able to see new ways of doing things, acting on opportunities and taking the initiative.  That could be in starting your own enterprise to make money while you are still at school. When working for somebody it could mean looking at a work problem from a different angle. It might mean having the confidence to suggest a new idea.

Example How have I have demonstrated this?

Could be one of the following:

  • Setting up a group project for a school team
  • Setting up a new club or team in or out of school.
  • Responding to a crisis or emergency
  • ¬∑ Finding a solution for an unexpected difficulty


I train younger members of the club. At the same time I gain experience and I develop my CV


I wash cars for visitors at the local supermarket to earn some money