Self Management Examples


This means:

This combination of attitude and behaviour that is required to get and keep a job and to achieve the best results in whatever you do

Self-management means that you make yourself ready and are prepared to start working.  You manage your own time.  You don’t have to be told what to do.  You create your own opportunities.

Taking responsibility means that you are able to set personal goals and then prioritise actions to achieve those goals. You will also take responsibility for others as well.

Example How have I have demonstrated this?

Could be one of the following:

  • Taking the opportunity to find out about something for yourself,
  • Taking the lead in an activity
  • · Showing readiness to learn
  • Making your own choices to take responsibility for your health,
  • Making the arrangements for a team or club
  • Looking after younger members of the team


I organise the fixtures calendar for my football club


I wanted to learn to play tennis so I saved up for lessons. Now I know how to play, I have joined the local tennis club and I train three days a week.