Working Other People Examples

This means:

Respecting others, co-operating, negotiating, contributing to discussions, being aware of the needs of other people

This means you understand how people work together and can work well within any group. You respect the thoughts and opinions of others, and value their contributions. You contribute to discussions and help your group to plan and deliver projects. You are able to deal with conflict when it arises in group situations.

Example How have I have demonstrated this?

Could be one of the following:

  • Playing on a team with others
  • Helping team mates with their training or project work
  • Encouraging others when situations become difficult
  • Actual work experience where you are part of a work team
    • Being sensitive to the different cultural traditions of other groups of people


I joined the annual summer football camp organized by my local club.  I trained for 3 weeks with a group of people I hadn’t met before and the coach made me the captain of my team.


Every weekend I volunteer with St John’s Ambulance and I help train others to provide first aid at sports events.