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Jack Petchey

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I recieved my Jack Petchey by working outstandingly in and outside of class throughout years 7 and 8. I encouraged my class mates and still worked at at very high standad in all 16 subjects t school.
I organised a club using my Jack Petchey Award money at my school. I aimed it at people I didn't know. It is very popular and many people have grown in confidence and have made strong friendships. Every week we meet during the lunch period and I teach then skills that they enjoy together. These skills include, sign language alphabet, drawing a colourful 3D hand, many different decorations and more. I wanted it to be a place where people without many friends could bond in the easy environment. This is what we are achieved. We have created many things for the school and have received several awards in doing so!
With the rest of the money, i started a new reward. There are three to be won. This is to be presented as a certificate and trophy, congratulating people who have helped others in school though they may not be the cleverest, they are still rewarded for friendly behaviour!

About Emily

My name is Emily. My current hobby is art (all types of drawing, painting and printing...) I have previously received a Blue Peter badge and a Jack Petchey Award. I play the trumpet with the Redbridge Music Service.

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